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4store TODO List

Single client

Currently the 4store backend server only allows one (command line) client to connect at any one time (N.B. multiple connections can be made to the HTTP server, and multiple queries can run at once). The command line limit down to the simple locking model. It would be possible to fix this either by a more sophisticated locking system, or by allowing multiple connections but interleaving operations. Either would be a significant amount of effort.

The multiple connections branch ( has support for this, though it could use a little polish.

Delete single triples

Git HEAD now includes some code to implement basic SPARQL 1.1 Update reuests, like DELETE DATA { ... }.

Decide FS_MAX_OPEN_PTREES using getrlimit()

The maximum number of predicate indexes kept open at once is restricted by available file descriptors. 4store currently uses a compile time constant to choose this value, it would be nice if it was dynamic and reacted to changes in the limits applied at runtime to the 4store backend processes.