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Operating Systems


4store ideally requires 64bit CPUs. It can be run with small databases on 32bit CPUs, but that is in no way supported. It's only been used recently on little-endian (Intel and AMD type CPUs), but in the past it has been run on PowerPC without problems.

Optimum price/performance can be got with clusters of machines with large amounts of RAM. 32GB per node or more is typical currently. In production we tend to use clusters of 5 or 9 machines. Ideal configurations are one master node with a power-of-two number of storage nodes. Any number of storage nodes can be used, but 2n+1 should be avoided for performance reasons.


Our productions systems all run on the 64bit versions of CentOS 5 or 6, but any 64-bit Linux distribution should be OK.

The software can be compiled, and works on Mac OS 10.4+ with fink or ports. There are also a Mac application which make installing 4store easy.

4store is known to run well on FreeBSD, and there's a port in progress.

It should be portable to other UNIX-like systems, with a little effort, though this has not been attempted.

We have never attempted to build it on Windows, a port would probably be a significant effort.