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Download 4store



Using git, you can check out the 4store source from GitHub at

If you want a snapshot tarball, don't get one from GitHub (it won't build correctly), look here:

Release Tarballs

Tarballs can be downloaded from the download directory.


Arch Linux

There are Arch Linux 4store packages at

CentOS 6

CentOS 6 instructions can be found at

CentOS 5

There are CentOS 5 / RHEL 5 RPMs available at

You can install them with:

rpm -Uvh

But may need to install some things from yum first.


There's a Debian package in sid:

Free BSD

There's a port for FreeBSD in progress at

Mac OS X

There are mac applications in the Mac downloads directory which can be run from a .app. It opens a Terminal window, into which you can type 4store commands. It's also possible to add some liens to your bash profile or equivalent so that you can use 4store from any terminal.

HTTP servers started from the terminal that opens can be accessed from anywhere on the machine.


There are instructions for installing on Ubuntu at These might now be out of date though.

VM Images

We would like to provide frozen VM images (eg. for VMWare), but noone has stepped forward to maintain these. If you would be prepared to maintain some, please contact us