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Client Libraries

These libraries are all written by 3rd parties, check the license on the appropriate site.

Garlik also have libraries in Perl and PHP, which we'll release when we find the time to clean them up.


A simple PHP library for 4Store (see info at Uses the command line tools to interact, so requires no 4s-httpd server.
4store-php Uses the 4s-httpd server


4store-ruby Uses the 4s-httpd server


4store-client Uses the 4s-httpd server, usage notes at
py4s Can make use of the multiple connections branch (, but doesn't require it.


4store-java-client Needs Maven, usage examples in
4store-API Developed by Clark & Parsia as part of Empire.


django-4store django-4store is a small Django application that makes developing apps with 4Store easier.