the 4store wiki has some basic documentation covering how to build, install and setup 4store.

If you would like to contribute the to the documentation effort, please request an account from one of the developers.

Reach a Human

You can get in touch with other 4store users and developers, either on the 4store mailing list, or on #4store on irc.freenode.net.

For other contact options please see the contact page.

Commercial Support
We can offer support for your 4store installations. Currently we're offering UK Business hours support with 4 hour response times for £750/machine/year.
Other support plans may be available depending on your needs, please contact us for more information.
Installation Assistance
If you need help installing 4store on your cluster then we can also help. Contact us for futher information.
If you want features added to 4store then we may be able to help, advise or do some development on your behalf.
Contact us if you have something in mind.