Projects using 4store

4store has only been available outside of Garlik for a short while, but it is already used in a handful of projects. The high-level of standardisation between SPARQL-compliant databases makes migrating existing pure SPARQL apps to 4store simple.

If you would like your project included on this page, please contact us with a description of the project and how you're using 4store. Even if you don't want your project listed here, we're still keen to hear how people have been applying the technology.

Garlik's primary product, used by hundreds of thousands of users. DataPatrol helps people take control of their personal information and protect themselves against identity theft and financial fraud. DataPatrol was originally run from 4store, though it's now been migrated to 5store. [link]
Live Social Semantics
Live Social Semantics is a social experiment, where the Semantic Web, the Social Web, and the Physical World will come together to create a rich integrated network of information. Acquiring and integrating these heterogeneous, but overlapping, data sources enables a range of novel services to conference attendees.
4store running on a single Linux server was used to supply RDF storage and query services for Live Social Semantics at the ESWC2009 conference and Hypertext 2009 conference. [link]
Market Blended Insight
MBI is a project with a clear objective of making a significant performance improvement in UK business to business (B2B) marketing activities in the 5-7 year time frame. The project plans to aggregate a broad range of business information, providing unparallelled insight into UK business activity and develop rich semantic search and navigation tools to allow any business to 'place their sales proposition in front of a prospective buyer' confident of the fact that the recipient has a propensity to buy. [link]
“What would you build with public data?”. OpenPSI is a new form of community provisioned information service designed to stimulate interaction between:
  • The research community
  • Public sector information publishers
  • The new information intermediaries (mashup creators)
OpenPSI currently holds SICCODE 2003, the Ordnance Survey Administrative Geography and the London, Belfast and Edinburgh Gazettes as RDF inside 4store. [link]
eRDF was the runner up in the Billion Triples Challenge for 2009. It's built on a 4store instance runing on Amazon Web Services, they made the 4store AMI image used to build the entry pulbic. [link]

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